About Dr. Carmen Starnes in Glasgow KY

About Dr. Carmen Starnes in Glasgow KY

About Dr. Carmen Starnes in Glasgow KY

Dr. Carmen Starnes' goal is to get you back pursuing your passions while giving you the tools and education to minimize injury risk and perform at your highest level.

Dr. Carmen had her first encounter with the chiropractic profession as an athlete in high school. Having experienced troubles with her ankles and hips, Dr. Carmen’s coach recommended that she visit a Chiropractor. Little did she know it would change her life forever as she would pursue a career as a Chiropractor in Glasgow KY.

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Specializing in sports related injuries, she has worked with numerous athletes including golfers, hockey players, soccer players, baseball players, volleyball players, and the list goes on.

Dr. Carmen earned her Bachelor’s degree in Life Science from Logan College of Chiropractic as well as a Master’s degree in Science of Sports Science and Rehabilitation following her Doctorates in Chiropractic.

After graduation, she worked as an associate in Memphis, TN, caring for a diverse group of patients from newborns to pregnant moms, teenage athletes to seniors, and from active dads to busy moms. She also ran a very successful personal injury clinic. She departed from her associateship in 2014 to purchase Mile’s chiropractic center to help optimize the health of families in Glasgow, Kentucky.

Dr. Carmen is dedicated to providing complimentary community education on health and wellness topics such as nutrition, weight loss, raising healthy children, backpack safety, natural female hormone balance, stress and pain management, and many others upon request and interest. She has taken many continuing education courses such as: Active Release Technique (ART), Motion Palpation Institute and is certified in Graston technique, cox-flexion distraction, Thompson drop technique and the Diversified technique.

Dr. Carmen Starnes' Diplomas:

B.S. Life Science, Logan college of Chiropractic,Chesterfield, MO.

D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic, Logan College of Chiropractic, Chesterfield, MO.

M.S. Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, Chesterfield, MO.