Hydromassage Therapy

Chiropractic Glasgow KY Hydromassage Table

Sidmar hydromassage tables are listed with the FDA as Class 1 Medical Devices and are used by more than 6,000 doctors every day. The physiological effects of heat and massage in Glasgow KY and Tompkinsville KY help treat many types of soft tissue injuries and other conditions such as orthopedic, rheumatic, and neurologic disorders.

What Is Hydromassage Therapy?

Hydromassage relaxes tight muscles like a professional hands on massage, but in less time and without the labor. When you combine the positive health benefits with the overwhelmingly positive patient feedback, you'll understand why hydromassage is one of the most sought-after therapies available today.

Imagine the incredible feeling of your body being massaged by pulsating jets of warm water. The heat relaxes you and the pressure of the water jets against your body soothes your aches and pains. All you need to do is set the timer, lie back and relax. In as little as ten minutes, you will be able to feel the changes in your body.

The Pro S10 model has been in production since 1996. Many improvements have been made over that time to make it the most affordable and reliable hydromassage table available anywhere in the world.

This table is designed to be used in businesses and it can handle continuous use. There are three main features that make this table perfect for business use:

1. Adjustable Jet Pressure

The intensity of the jets on the Professional model is adjustable from 12 to 17lbs. of pressure by simply turning the control located on the front of the table.

2. High Performance Pump Using Standard 110V Power

The Professional model features a Jacuzzi or Aqua-Flo pump. Excellent pressure produced from a pump that only requires 110 volt power. Just plug in it any outlet and it should work just fine. No need for special 220 volt outlets!

3. Total Temperature Control

This model is designed for continuous use. The water will remain at a constant temperature no matter how long the table operates. A heating system with an electronic thermostat maintains the minimum temperature while a radiator keeps the table from overheating.

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