Digital X-Rays

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Digital X-Rays in Glasgow KY and Tompkinsville KY have a number of advantages over traditional X-Ray machines.

1. Less Radiation:

Today's digital X-rays have 80 percent less radiation than traditional X-ray machines. When you go to have an X-ray, it is inevitable that you may be exposed to some form of radiation. However, precautions and safety measure are taken, and the amount of exposure is both miniscule and brief.

2. Quality:

For visibility and readability, due to these types of X-rays being digital and having advanced processor technology, the images are easier to resize into larger or smaller pictures, depending on the need. Most importantly, this is done without distorting the image, and losing important details that the original images hold.

3. Portability:

Digital X-rays are extremely portable and save space, as they are digital, and they don't require film or folder storage. Images captured with a DR unit can be transferred to a CD or a flash drive, and can even be sent in an email.

4. Quicker Results:

With the advent of digital photography and cellphone cameras, people expect images right away. Digital X-rays are processed and developed very quickly, saving time for both doctors and the patient, allowing for quick and accurate diagnosis. To learn more about digital X-rays and other forms of diagnostic imaging, call Active Health Chiropractic in Glasgow KY or Tompkinsville KY to request an appointment, or request one online.